Personal Profile

Long term relationships

Based on strengths in developing long term business relationships, and a sense for identifying business opportunities, Lars Kyvsgaard have developed new business activities, established new customer relationships, raised capital and solved a number of debt restructuring cases and efficiently implemented new compliance regulation in the financial sector.

Connecting stakeholders

Lars Kyvsgaard is convinced that any major change requires a close dialogue and engagement with stakeholders externally and internally. He is a skillful! facilitator in aligning people around a common solution and a strong communicator towards customers, colleagues, journalists, regulators, and management boards.

International experience and empowerment

Throughout the whole working career, Lars Kyvsgaard have been empowered with a strong mandate in independent and international business units within the financial sector both in the Nordic region and lately as CEO of Nordea's banking operation in Singapore with an own banking license to protect.

Result and people oriented personality

Lars Kyvsgaard is an extrovert person who strives for long term relationships and is a trusted person who delivers on his promises. When solving complex issues, he has the ability to develop new ideas and facilitate sustainable solutions. He is result orientated and the peak is achieved when results are delivered at or above the expectations.