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About Lars Kyvsgaard

Lars Kyvsgaard (born 1963) is a former international banker and is today acting as financial advisor for various companies. He earned his Master of Economics from the University of Copenhagen in 1989. He has been leading various relationship management functions within Nordea including membership of credit committees, he was CEO of Nordea Bank Singapore from 2010 and until 2015.

He is a strong communicator towards banks and investors. He has an in-depth knowledge about ship financing, ECA financing, project financing, bond issues, leasing, risk management, debt restructuring, financial regulatory requirements and the Asian economies. 

In April 2016 he founded Kyvsgaard Consulting A/S with focus on raising financing and managing banking relationships. The company have successfully acted as advisor for companies from various sectors, i.e. shipping, real estate, industrial production, energy, shipbuilding, wood trading and IT. The company have offices in Aalborg and Copenhagen.